Carmen & Amador

 Love in The Valley 

This publishing editorial takes its inspiration from the private estate where it took place: Finca Casabela. Located in the Lecrín Valley, a fertile area with a Mediterranean climate in the heart of the province of Granada, where citrus trees such as oranges and lemons are the emblem. The colonial style of Casabela, which combines romantic and tropical airs, was the focus of this session.

The Settings

A romantic and bohemian bride gets ready in the Ermita del Zapato, suite 4 of Casabela, The make-up, natural but with character, and the hairstyle, retro-inspired water waves, are the work of Sharai Montes. Wearing an Aurora Behème dress and her something blue, Mariela Madridshoes, Carmen tries on several headdresses by Nia TocadosShe picks up the colourful bouquet: she is ready to dazzle. 

In another room, Amador is dressed in an original and casual outfit, no jacket and tie, he's a groundbreaking groom.


First look 

In an experience wedding, the First Look is a must, a moment just for them, the protagonists, who see each other for the first time in intimacy just before the ceremony. Their only witness: the photographer, who, behind the camera, captures the emotions to make them eternal.

Road getaway

The bride and groom sneak away from the hustle and bustle of the celebration to explore the surrounding area on a little romantic adventure in an original 1969 Mercedes 250 from BodaClass.

They experience the first moments alone as husband and wife in the golden light of the sunset. These unrepeatable moments of joy take place amidst the immense tranquillity of the valley.

The decorations

Colourful table and altar, full of tropical, casual and fresh floral arrangements by Rafael Floristería where citrus fruits could not be missing. On the bare table stands out the beautiful colourful tableware by Noe Events, an unusual but triumphant choice.

The rest of the details, from the lighting by Love con Amor to the fondant cake by Velvet Marbella and the stationery by Yiye Garzón, are in harmony to create a vivid portrait of love and happiness.

The Pictures

But we could not tell all this without the eyes of Jose Javier from Josedjavier Photography and Carlos from Producciones C&C. They are the architects of the images that tell better than all the words in the world this story of love in the Valley.

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Finca Casabela Venue | Josedjavier Photography | C&C Producciones Video | Nia Tocados Headdresses | Aurora Bohème Gown and wedding dress | Mariela Madrid Shoes | Sharai Montes MUA and hairstyling | Floristería Rafael Floral decoration | Noe Events Tableware | Velvet Marbella Catering | Love con Amor Lighting | BodaClass Car | Yiye Garzón Stationary | Isabel Tornay Lettering | EF Visual Impresión lettering | Carmen Serrano Ella | Amador Valenzuela Él

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