Lara's Communion

This year the communions have been postponed, some have been cancelled and, if they have taken place, they have not been as crowded as usual.

That is precisely why we wanted this communion, Lara's communion, to be really special. We create a universe where she could feel comfortable and happy and celebrate this special day with her closest family.

Lara made her first communion in summer but she didn't have the opportunity to have a party as she deserves. That's why she and her family wanted to celebrate this great day. a posteriori, in October.

When I got involved, I immediately tried to think of how to make her communion something special and designed just for her. Lara told me about her hobby: the ballet. What an inspiration! That's a perfect theme for the decoration of her first communion.


We created a decoration in pink shades: from the balloon garland to the sofa and treats and of course the ballet slippers!!! As a contrast we include natural elements: we have used eucalyptus leaves, wicker baskets and played with the greenery of the plants in our own garden.

the cake and biscuits were in keeping with the theme, decorated with a ballerina and in the colours of the table.

The result was an intimate and totally customised party so that Lara could enjoy with her loved ones the great day of a girl's first communion.


Supplier Companies

Lourdes Salmerón Organization and decoration | Finca Casabela Venue | Summer Verses Photography | Velvet Marbella Cake and biscuits 

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