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Why us?


If plan A fails, don't forget that there are 25 more letters. When it comes to organizing an event, whatever type of event it may be, the main working tools are planning andforesight.​ Lourdes Salmerón not only never improvises, but even plans what could be improvised.




Lourdes Salmerón is an event planning and organisation service capable of finding the perfect balance between method, rigour and the most analytical procedures and the passion, the illusion, the feeling of creating special moments for people who are also special.




Lourdes Salmerón does not conceive of her work in any other way than through the dedicación más exclusiva: en cuerpo, alma e ilusión.​ Desde mucho antes del evento y durante todo el tiempo que dura el mismo. Porque la dedicación es lo que hace que nos entreguemos al 100% en cualquier tarea.




It is the talent to achieve more with less, to not go unnoticed without attracting attention. To find the balance between excess and defect.



We give your event the personality it needs. A personal and personalised service that speaks of you, that conveys your character and your concerns.




In order to place your confidence in someone on organizing your special day, you need to trust their experience, knowledge and contacts. More than 8 years in the sector speak for us.




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